WebinarJam Bonus and Demo of The WebinarJam Features

WebinarJam Bonus and Demo. Learn more about WebinarJam and our Bonus at http://www.raythevideoguy.com/webinarjambonus
Now, I’ve mentioned briefly about a new webinar software, WebinarJam, which my good Andy Jenkins and Mike Mike Filsaime have created WebinarJam out of frustration with the other solutions in the marketplace, as they were incredibly expensive, and really not marketer-friendly.

In addition to the ability to do everything we recommended in this video, WebinarJam also:

• Allows you to schedule your webinar for now or in the future, notifies your registrants that the webinar is starting, opens the webinar room and takes care of the recording

• Gives access to an unlimited number of attendees, and you can create an unlimited number of webinars

• Lets you have as many presenters or administrators as you need to manage your event. So you can easily have several people on camera for interviews, while members of your staff monitor the chat room, or change the graphics, or set up a new poll.

• Integrates easily with your site using a simple embed code- so no need for complicated design or coding- and no need to bring your customers away from your website for the experience. You can brand yourself- not someone else!

• Gives you social plugins, attendee metrics, revenue figures and much much more!

Click here to see the complete discussion of all of the amazing features that Webinar Jam provides:

As a bonus for this awesome product, we want to truly add value, so we are including the following, when you purchase WebinarJam

1. My YouTube Interactive Course – This course teaches you how to add interactivity to your videos. This is HUGE for people using WebinarJam, as each webinar/hangout becomes a video on YouTube, and this will help you monetize that video!

2. YouTube Market Crusher – This full YouTube course will help you set up your channel properly, and optimize the channel and videos so you have the greatest success with the videos on YouTube

3. Video Ranking Machine – A full course on how to properly optimize, SEO and rank the YouTube videos created after the WebinarJam webinar! Since each webinar is also a hangout, it becomes a YouTube video afterwords. Using these video ranking techniques can get the video on the first page of Google and YouTube!

4. My YouTube video marketing pack, which includes video graphics, lower thirds, video buttons, YouTube Channel Templates, Custom Thumbnail Templates, etc. These items will help you with the graphics you need in your video, channel and more

5. Full Graphics Pack! – This includes call to action buttons, site templates, banners, Photoshop effects and MUCH MORE! Use these in your sites, Social Media and more

6. Royalty Free Music you can use in your videos and presentations without getting banned from YouTube!

7. Inclusion in our video marketing mastermind group! Learn from other experts, share your videos, and have others help promote them!

All of this has a value of over $2000!

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WebinarJam Bonus

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