Why Use Video in Social Media Marketing

What’s so important in using a video in social media marketing? This day’s video is becoming a trend in marketing. It is the easiest way to let viewers know about your products and services. Listening while watching the video gives viewers a clearer vision of what you wanted them to know.

Now a day’s, more and more people are using social media not just to communicate with family and friends but is being used to disseminate information about a business. It acts as a powerful marketing channel for businesses. Sharing videos in not just one social media platform will help increase viewers of your video and visit a targeted landing page from your call-to-action.

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide video integration capabilities which allow marketers to share relevant videos on these platforms. Since these media sites are growing rapidly and constant sharing is being done by users, videos are spread out quickly. In other words, capitalize on video’s potential by posting multimedia content in social media platforms.

Make a video that is short but full of important information. Start your video with a brief introduction about your business/services. Then add a short client success story in using your products/services. Then finish your video with a call-to-action that converts your social media fans and followers into clients.

Using online videos and social media platforms is increasing and you need to put yourself ahead of your competitors. Create videos that you can integrate with social media accounts and now is the time to put your brands/business in the spotlight with video marketing via social media sites.

Why Use Social Media Marketing in a Business Plan

This year, Social Media is BIG and it’s getting even bigger as months go by and is a catch-all term for every site that may provide different social actions. For instance Facebook, it is a social networking site that allows sharing updates, videos, joining events/group and many other activities. Where as in Twitter, it is for sharing short messages or updates with your friends/followers.

Now a day’s, Social Media marketing is becoming a full time job which requires not just random posting of informative articles, latest products, upcoming events, etc. It is also a place where you give your customers the attention they deserve.

When delivering a thoughtful response in a timely manner, visitors are likely to get flattered and intrigued by your brand. It helps your company to attract new customers if given the time to respond to a personal inquiry, and it builds your authority. Stay active and keep increasing your engagement with your users and build trust over your potential audience.

Social media is necessary to include in a business plan and to set goals for different time periods. It is now a major player in brand recognition, search engine rankings, user experience and customer support which makes it great to include social media in a business plan and to set goals for different time periods. We are also getting exposed to more and more social advertisements.

It’s always good to set an execution strategy so your content won’t fall through the cracks. Setting limits on how many tweets, posts, updates etc. you publish each day. Adjust it as needed, even something as small as a few lines each day gives a benchmark and a goal at the very least.

So if you are not marketing on it, you’d better start using it or you’ll likely to miss large chunk of your target customers.

Important Part of Social Media in a Business

Millions of people are using social media now to search for something and/or information they need so it is also considered an important part for internet marketing. It is one of the great marketing opportunities for businesses both, small or big.

Most social media services are free or affordable and easy to use. And they all can put your business in touch with tons of customers like never before.

Here are some tips on how you will use social media in your business:

  1. Promote your brand name and business – give a brief description about your business and what good will it gives to your customers.
  2. Products and Services – tell your customers about your products and services and what it does for them. It is always great to give updates about your product and services to your customers so they get excited always to check out what you have in store.
  3. Comments and Suggestions – find out what customers think of your business and what they think needs to be improved or added to the product to fit their business.
  4. Special offers/Discounts – attract new customers thru giving special offers or discounts to new customers.
  5. Continuous Relationship – build stronger relationships with existing customers. If you have a social media group where all your customers share their thoughts, get involved. Try to give bonuses to your existing customers at least once or twice a month. Bonuses can be something they can download to use in their business.

Here are some of the advantages of using social media:

  1. Ability to target particular groups – there are many forms of social media that are now being used by internet marketers that allow businesses to target specific groups.
  2. Broad reach – millions of people around the globe are using social media so it is not impossible for a business using social media not to reach those users. When finds out about your business, it gets shared to friends then friends to their friends etc.
  3. Fast – information can easily be distributed to many people in just a few seconds.
  4. Free or low-cost – most forms of social media are free for business. Paid options are usually low-cost.
  5. Personal – social media allows you to communicate on a personal basis if you don’t want any of the group members know about what you tell the person.
  6. Super Easy – there is no need to have a high-level skills or computer skills to participate in social media. These days, there is no need for a person to have a computer or laptop to join in social media.