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What Has TV Viewing Distance Got To Do With Home Theater Set up?

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Is setting up a home theater system just a matter of putting in a television, dvd player and setting up a few speakers? Well, technically yes but if you really want to experience all the viewing benefits home theater offers then you need to consider some viewing aesthetics.

TV Viewing Distance

Have you ever considered the importance of TV viewing distance? Not roblox robux tool many people do. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve walked into a home theater room and cringed at the distance the TV is set up from the viewing platform. Sure, personal preferences come into play here and I’ll admit, my idea of the right viewing distance will vary from others but if you follow some well worn guidelines then you can enhance your viewing experience no end.

What Do You Need To Consider For Best Viewing Position?

When planning and setting up a home theater room consider the throne rush cheats size of the room. This will be in proportion to the size of television you intend to install. Issues such as distance from the TV plus viewing angle will come into play. Set the viewing platform too close to the TV and you risk seeing details you don’t normally see such as image build up. If you are too far away, then other than losing the effect of the image output, it will be harder to become immersed in the program because at too far a distance, you immediately invite the risk of being distracted by influences other than the creen you are watching.

Suggested Viewing Distance Guidelines

What you want is a distance you are comfortable with and where your eye to detail ratio will not be lost. Recommended guidelines suggest that between two to five times the length of your television screen will get you somewhere “in the ball park.” Again xbox live code cheats this depends on your vision strength so if you have 20/20 vision, then the distance between you and your Tv will probably be further than say a person with less vision strength.

In the end, TV viewing distance comes down to personal choice so you’ll probably want to spend a little time adjusting and testing distance levels. Sounds technical doesn’t it? Also clash royale online cheats consider if you are a frequent home theater host: what about your guests? I guess not huh! My philosophy in this instance is “Hey, I’m providing the theater center for your enjoyment. You work out where you want to sit.”

Next time you walk into a cinema go in as early as possible and watch the seating habits of people as they walk in. It will give you some idea of how individual viewing habits differ. Some will sit to the left, others to the right while the center aisle, usually at the highest level, is always a popular place to view from.

Viewing Angles

Taking TV viewing distance to the next level, the vertical viewing angle is another important part of the equation. The good news is that in a home theater set up, this shouldn’t present too much of a problem because most rooms are not big enough to enable a discomfort level outside the recommended angle of 30-35 degrees. What is the vertical viewing angle? Simply put, it’s the viewer’s eye height from his/her seated position to the top of the screen.

When you are seated for a long time this becomes important because too high or too low and problems can arise such as physical discomfort like neck strain. So, if you’re thinking of mounting your TV high on the wall think again, and pay particular clash royale cheats attention to the 30-35 degree vertical viewing angle.

So what does all this mean? Probably nought if you “don’t give a hoot” about TV viewing distance and viewing angles however, if you are going to the trouble and expense of setting up a quality home theater room, then wouldn’t it make sense to do it right from the ground up?

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Popular Christmas Craft Ideas This Holiday Season

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Christmas is one time of year when people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds begin looking for craft projects. The great news throne rush tool is that many project ideas and how to’s can be found quite easily online or off. The World Wide Web is chock full of all kinds of do it yourself craft ideas for Christmas fun. Women’s magazines make an excellent offline source for this incredibly useful information as well.

Looking for Christmas craft ideas? Try some of these:

Baking your own shortbread cookies. Of course the fun doesn’t stop with the baking. You then need to decorate them with colorful icing and sprinkles (the little ones love to help add the simpsons tapped out hack tool the sprinkles). Once they’ve been baked and decorated, string them on fishing line and use them as decorations. You can use a knife in order to shape the cookies are opt for cookie cutters in wonderful shapes and designs for Christmas baking delight.

Making Garlands. This particular craft requires group participation. Not only throne rush cheat do you need to pop the popcorn and smack the hands of those attempting to steal the popcorn, you also need help during the actual stringing process. Of course you aren’t limited to popcorn, you can also opt for cranberries or nuts.

Another great Christmas craft is the making of your very own Christmas decorations. You can find inspiration and crafting materials in the shape of Styrofoam, play dough, and ribbons. One great thing to do especially with kids is to take a package of ordinary Christmas balls and use glue marvel future fight tool free in order to create patterns on the balls. After creating the design roll the ball in glitter for a sparkling pattern.

If you are truly dedicated to the craft of crafting, you can create your very own holiday candles (hint, hint: these make great gifts too!). The simplest way to do this is by rolling up sheets of beeswax. If this doesn’t appeal to you as much you can also melt wax in a double boiler to make your own candles. You can find scents to add to your wax at a local craft store, most will have some scents designed specifically for Christmas. You can find molds in popular holiday shapes to clash royale hack tool complete your craft project.

The time spent with family creating these wonderful crafts for the holidays will be remembered long after the toys, gifts, and gizmos have been forgotten. Take the time to enjoy making beautiful crafts together and strengthen the bonds you have with your children.

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What was school like for you?

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

When my oldest daughter started school, I believed what “everyone” said. Every student could be a straight “A” student if they only worked hard enough. My daughter started kindergarten at a “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence” that was a reading magnet school. This meant that reading was emphasized in every subject. This is not a bad thing. Without the ability to read, it is nearly impossible to learn any other subject.
My daughter was so excited when she started kindergarten. Her main goal was to learn to read all by herself. She could not wait. When my daughter finished kindergarten, she was “just a little” behind. The teacher’s response was “She’ll catch up, no problem”. First grade arrived and her “little bit behind” translated into way behind. throne rush cheats She was placed into special assistance classes, missing her “down” time to attend. This means recess, centers, sometimes extra classes like P.E., music, art, etc., sometimes even part of her lunch period. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any 6 year olds that can take a full 8 hour day without down time, especially when they come home with homework in their regular subjects, plus homework in their “special” classes. In addition, it curtailed any opportunity she might have to actually be successful at something, because the only thing she was marvel future fight cheats allowed to do was what she wasn’t good at. The other kicker, for her, was a teacher who emphasized timeliness. Now, timeliness is an important concept for a child to learn, but, to my daughter, who was always behind, timeliness equated with praise and positive reinforcement. This was something that she could succeed at. So, in order to be a success at this, at least, she would do what it took to finish first. Rush through, not check her work, sometimes not even reading the directions before completing the work. This, in turn, made her grades go down even farther. By the time she marvel future fight tool free started second grade, she hated school. This was a child who started kindergarten in love with school. My beautiful, super intelligent, wonderful, little girl felt stupid, and like a failure, at the age of 7.

In the middle of 2nd grade we moved from Louisiana to Iowa. Now, moving in the middle school of the school year is traumatic for any child, but for a child already struggling, it was a death sentence. Her new 2nd grade teacher’s attitude was, “Oh she’ll catch up”, (sound familiar?) even though the requirements were completely different and we’d been there before. Her 3rd grade teacher decided she was just lazy and treated her accordingly. She was constantly complaining that Tiffany would “zone out” during class. When we would have parent-teacher conferences, she would tell me things about my daughter that I had told her at prior meetings, like it was new information. By the end of the year, xbox live code cheats this teacher chose to label her as “learning disabled”. My daughter struggled through 4th grade in a special program, that singled her out and embarrassed her greatly, but her 5th grade teacher threw the “program” out the window, seeing the truth about my child. She was not learning disabled, she was just behind. With a little extra attention, my daughter was no longer the child holding the whole class back.

We moved again, from Iowa to West Virginia, between her 5th and 6th grade years. Currently, my precious daughter is an honor roll student, a freshman in high school, with no special assistance whatsoever. marvel future fight hack Those years of pain, false labeling, and struggle, may be behind her, however, they are still with her. Her confidence, while somewhat restored, is easily shaken.

Now, I come from a family of teachers. My grandmother started her teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse, teaching for over 40 years. My sister specializes in early childhood education, having spent time teaching both kindergarten and pre-school. She has a Master’s degree to her credit. I also am married to a college professor. My own teaching experience is limited to Sunday school, Children’s Church, and Bible Studies, as well as home schooling all of my children through their pre-school year, but I am teaching children in every class, and I do have an understanding of what goes on in the classroom. Even with all my experiences, I fell victim to the “teacher mentality”.

I understand that there are a lot of outside influences that affected my daughter, along with those that she experienced at school, but she needn’t have suffered like she did. You child should not have to either. Please check out this web-site for more information on how to keep your child from going through a similar experience. For the sake of your beautiful, super intelligent, wonderful child.

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